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Dr. Tramayne Butler-DeLong, PhD

Founder AnthroSpa Logic

PhD in Cultural Anthropology

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Mayo Clinic Trained Wellness Coach

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Hi there! I am a Mayo Clinic trained wellness coach who is passionate about helping others reach their health and wellness goals. I also am a busy mom of four, hold a PhD in cultural anthropology, and entrepreneur. I have taught and developed many university courses as a professor on culture over the last 20 years, have received research grants from the National Science Foundation and Social Science Research Council for my cultural research in Kenya and the U.S. and belong to the oldest and most prestigious honor society in the country, Phi Beta Kappa. I graduated with a perfect GPA and received my PhD at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. With all of the "hats" that I have worn, I have experienced how life can get in the way of prioritizing health and self-care. I became interested in health and wellness after my kids were born and dedicated myself to discovering healthier ways to live. One of the births led to complications and emergency surgery that almost cost me my life. I developed hypertension after this stressful experience and I became focused on finding natural ways to control my blood pressure.


My long health journey of healing and staying fit after several pregnancies and surgeries has given me a deeper appreciation of wellness and has fueled my passion to help others live a healthier life. Inspired by my background in anthropology as well as my travels around the world to Kenya, Monaco, Paris, Milan and London, I developed the clean beauty line AnthroSpa Logic, a 100% natural brand trusted and used by spa professionals as well as featured on ABC News and in the gift bags given to celebrities at the GRAMMY® Awards. I wanted to help people take control of their overall health and live the life they want so I became a Mayo Clinic trained wellness coach. 

When I created and used the NaturaTrim Slim Body program, I was excited to see the results including returning to the same weight that I was in my 20's at 46 years old and melting away belly fat! My husband also tried the program with me and lost over 30 pounds of stubborn weight accumulated over the last 20 years. Since I started following the NaturaTrim program, I was happy to see that my blood pressure has been lower than I have seen it in years and I have a lot more energy. I am excited to work with you and to help you start your life-changing transformation now!

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