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A New Healthier You in Just Weeks

NaturaTrim Slim Body™ Program 

Wondering how to get a slimmer waistline get more energy and boost your health? What if you could lose weight, enjoy your food without starving yourself, get more energy and supercharge your metabolism without costly supplements or working out in the gym? What if you could do all of this from the comfort or your home? We help people over 35, struggling with how to lose weight to boost their metabolism, get more energy, lose weight and burn fat without feeling hungry!


It gets harder to lose weight after the age of 35 and keep it off because midlife changes in hormones can result in weight gain the accumulation of belly fat. Using the latest scientific research in health and nutrition, we have found that the best way to lose weight is NOT through strenuous exercise, following a no carb diet, fasting, or taking diet pills that can have harmful side effects. 


This is why I created NaturaTrim,™

a 5 step, holistic, healthy weight

program designed to help

people over 35 get more energy,

build self-confidence and 

lose up to 20+ pounds in

just 8 weeks from the comfort of

their home with

XNO Strenuous exercise

XNO Supplements 

XNO Counting Calories

XNO Fad Diets

XNO Fasting

XNO Special equipment needed



Our science-based system combines the most current research on nutrition, innovative approaches to healthy eating and fitness with the benefits of wellness coaching in a comprehensive online course to maximize your results for long term success and a healthy lifestyle change. 

Unlike other programs, you get personalized guidance and coaching, rewards for milestones,

membership in an exclusive community of support, an herbal detox kit, curated resources and a full proprietary curriculum!



  1. Learn how to set and achieve your health and wellness goals while feeling empowered and motivated.  

  2. Learn how to supercharge your metabolism to burn fat and get more energy.

  3. Learn how to control cravings that derail your progress with a customized herbal detox plan.

  4. Learn how healthy eating can be delicious, not boring, and how you enjoy your food while still losing weight! You get original recipes developed that are researched and describe the health benefits right in the recipe!

  5. Learn how to get leaner and stronger in less than 10 minutes a day without going to the gym!




You Get

  • Full 8 module online course with personalized one-on-one wellness coaching and guidance from Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness coach, Dr. Tramayne Butler DeLong, PhD via live, virtual video calls.

  • Live Group Sessions.

  • Confidence building exercises.

  • Personal client portal.

  • Detox plan + our signature custom blended 100% natural herbal slimming drinks.

  • Custom wellness plan

  • Access to our exclusive private coaching group  

  • Special Rewards for milestones 

  • Access to our exclusive learning platform with curated  workouts to get faster results 

  • Original gourmet recipes

  • Motivating messages

  • Follow-up support through email and access to group sessions.  

 Make a Lasting Change for the Cost of Fast Food and Sugary Drinks!

Spots are LIMITED! Apply to our exclusive program and we will review your application to begin your enrollment! If accepted into the program, you get over 50% off and pay only $19.95 per month! Secure your spot today!

What Our Clients Say

Mike, who lost 22 pounds in 60 days:


“I gained some weight during COVID pandemic. I was over eating and not being active enough while working from home.  In February 2022 I decided to begin to try to lose weight because I was experiencing some chronic fatigue, felt unhealthy and looked out of shape and my weight was at its highest ever at 207 pounds w/ height of 5’9”. I also developed sciatica that made me feel like I needed to do something to improve my health and wellness. In the past, when I wanted to lose weight I would focus mostly on increasing exercise and incorporating very little dietary changes. Since I’m 51 years old now, I wanted to try something different that was less reliant on strenuous exercise . . . I was very happy that within 2 months of starting the NaturaTrim Slim Body program, I lost 22 pounds and continued to lose weight. I now weigh 167 and have lost a total of 40 pounds. The changes have helped my overall health and wellness. I have a lot more energy, endurance, physical flexibility and I have even noticed an improvement in my cognitive ability. Plus, I feel like now I have the tools I need to sustain or maintain the weight and even lose more if I want."

About Me


I am a Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach who is passionate about helping others to reach their health and wellness goals. I also am a busy mom of four, hold a PhD in cultural anthropology, an adjunct professor, and entrepreneur. With all of the "hats" that I have worn, I have experienced how life can get in the way of prioritizing health and self-care. I became interested in health and wellness after my kids were born and dedicated myself to discovering healthier ways to live. One of the births led to complications and emergency surgery that almost cost me my life. I developed hypertension after this stressful experience and I became focused on finding natural ways of controlling my blood pressure.


My long health journey healing and staying fit after several pregnancies and surgeries has given me a deeper appreciation of wellness and has fueled my passion to help others live a healthier life. Inspired by my background in anthropology as well as my travels around the world to Kenya, Monaco, Paris, Milan and London, I developed the clean beauty line AnthroSpa Logic, a 100% natural brand trusted and used by spa professionals as well as featured on ABC News and in the gift bags given to celebrities at the GRAMMY® Awards. I wanted to help people take control of their overall health and live the life they want so I became a Mayo Clinic trained wellness coach. 

When I created and used the NaturaTrim Slim Body program, I was excited to see the results including returning to the same weight that I was in my 20's at 46 years old and melting away belly fat! My husband also did the program with me and for the first time lost over 30 pounds of stubborn weight accumulated over the last 20 years. Since I started following the NaturaTrim program, I was happy to see that my blood pressure has been lower than I have seen it in years and I have a lot more energy. I am excited to work with you and to help you start your life-changing transformation now!




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