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Dr. Tramayne Butler-DeLong, PhD, Wellness Coach

Your wellness journey starts here! Are you struggling with losing those extra pounds or to find time for yourself? Frustrated by not seeing the progress that you want or getting lasting results? Discover how to take control and transform your life!


Feel empowered to achieve your goals while improving the way you look, feel and overall health. I am a Mayo Clinic trained, wellness coach who is passionate about helping others to reach their health and wellness goals. As a busy mom of four, a cultural anthropologist, professor, and entrepreneur, I understand how life can get in the way of prioritizing health. I became interested in health and wellness after my sons were born and dedicated myself to discovering healthier ways to live. My long health journey from overcoming childhood asthma to healing and staying fit after several pregnancies and surgeries has given me a unique perspective on the importance of wellness. It has fueled my passionate to help others live a healthier life. I developed the clean beauty line AnthroSpa Logic, a brand trusted and used by spa professionals as well as featured on ABC News and in the gift bags given to celebrities at the GRAMMY® Awards. I wanted to help people take control of their overall health and live the life they want so I became a Mayo Clinic trained wellness coach. 

I am excited to work with you. Start your transformation now!

One on One Coaching Sessions

It takes clients several weeks to develop and practice new lifestyle habits. Therefore, we created customizable programs to help you begin living your best life!


  • Take control of your health with the skills and tools to help you develop and reach your weight-loss and wellness goals

  • Get personalized and curated  wellness resources to help you succeed

  • Gain the insight to make lifestyle improvements for lasting results

  • Get personalized guidance to create your roadmap to wellness and the body of your dreams

  • 60 minute live scheduled sessions conducted through our secure telehealth video conferencing platform

  • Personal client portal

  • Convenient app

  • Access to personal food and lifestyle journals with your coach's feedback

  • Complimentary initial consultation


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Learn about our programs:

Wellness Kickstarter 8 weeks (within 60 days)  

Wellness Evolve 12 weeks (within 90 days) 

"A Better You" Virtual Wellness Coaching Workshop for groups

This is a customizable virtual workshop for groups, organizations and corporations that want to introduce its members to the fundamentals of living a healthier lifestyle. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing due to mostly preventable illnesses. 

  • ​Learn about the importance of healthy living and its benefits

  • 90 minute group coaching session via Zoom

  • Discover the dimensions of health important for your group members

  • Introduction to mindfulness and stress management techniques

  • Get healthy eating resources

  • Learn about the benefits of healthy movement such as yoga

  • Get fitness resources

$749 per workshop session

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