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Who We Are

Committed to Beauty, Wellness, and Sustainability

We are your premier, holistic, health and wellness lifestyle brand offering weight-loss, wellness coaching services and 100% natural, clean beauty products. Self-care is so important for overall wellbeing and taking care of your health is our #1 priority!

Our Approach to Holistic Wellness


At AnthroSpa Logic, we design products, including our clean beauty product line and new metabolic renewal, weight-loss program to help you look and feel your best inside and out!

Balance your Skin


We started with your body's largest organ, the skin. Our signature 100% natural skincare line is based on the science of anthropology and combines skin transforming actives used by ancient cultures around the globe for exceptionally smooth, hydrated, clear, radiant skin. Our brand is approved and loved by professional estheticians!



Balance your Body

Optimal wellness means having the energy to do the things that you enjoy as well as being in balance both physically and emotionally. That’s why we now offer our integrative, science-based, wellness weight loss program tailored to people over 35 who want to learn how to supercharge their metabolism and lose up to 20 pounds in just 8 weeks!


Our program helps people get slim and trim naturally without diets, supplements, fasting, counting calories or gym equipment with personal coaching from Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach Dr. Tramayne Butler DeLong, PhD. Benefits include decreasing risks for chronic diseases related to excess weight, such as diabetes and heart disease, and looking and feeling healthier with more energy!

Our premium products are science-based using cutting edge research to get superior results fast.  

Our Story

Where Personal Care Meets Excellence and Sustainability

Cultural anthropologist and founder, Dr. Tramayne Butler, PhD recognized that ancient civilizations and native cultures around the world have long used natural and organic treatments. Using her background in anthropology, Dr. Butler combined the best beauty secrets from around the globe to develop AnthroSpa Logic® in 2007. Inspired by her travels to Kenya, London, Paris, Nice, Milan, Italy and Monaco, she felt that a high performance, eco-friendly, 100% natural skin care line could benefit from the holistic, cross-cultural perspective of anthropology.


A busy mom, Dr. Butler became increasingly interested in health, wellness and natural products after her children were born. She loved visiting spas and she often found herself recreating the spa experience by drawing on a childhood interest in chemistry and mixing her own natural creations.

Shortly after receiving her PhD in cultural anthropology, she started researching and developing AnthroSpa Logic while teaching as an adjunct professor. Maintaining an commitment to sustainability as well as health and wellness, Dr. Butler designed every product to be highly effective and to produce visible results by using only premium actives that have been used medicinally and in skin care treatments on six continents for centuries.

The potent products are formulated without preservatives or unnecessary fillers, such as water or glycerine, and provide the maximum benefit from the highest potency of actives just like in the natural treatments used by ancient civilizations and native cultures. Every luxurious, time-tested ingredient was chosen for its proven history of effectiveness and has a direct benefit. Packaged in recyclable containers, the eco-luxury line is:

  • Preservative-free 

  • Filler-free 

  • Clay-free

  • Soap-free 

  • Chemical-free 

  • Cruelty-free

Extending her commitment to health and wellness, Dr. Butler became a Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach. She is passionate about helping people struggling with weight-loss and other health concerns to transform their lives and feel more confident, empowered and energetic to reach their health goals.

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