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Revive your hair!! Smooth, tame, style and moisturize plus encourage healthy hair growth and shine with our new nourishing multitasking moisturizer, a luxurious blend of exotic emollients that rapidly penetrates the deepest layers of the hair to prevent breakage while nourishing the scalp. No more brittle dry hair!! This concentrated, water activated, styling moisturizer can replace gels and pomades plus nourishes for healthy hair growth. It contains only pure, 100% natural vitamin packed emollients used in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa and Ancient Europe for healthy hair growth. It smooths, tames and moisturizes for sleek straight styles, defines curls, reduces frizz, and transforms dull dry hair into sleek hydrated tresses! For all hair textures, to style, soften, moisturize and revive your hair!


1. Part damp hair into a small 1 inch section.

2. Place a dime sized amount or less depending on hair thickness, on two fingertips. Activate the product with water by wetting the fingertips of the other hand and add to product, mixing the product between your fingers with water until product feels smooth.

3. Apply product thinly to hair and scalp smoothing from root to tip with fingers down the length of the strands. Smooth a second time over the same section adding more water to the product as needed. Adding water to your fingers and smoothing over the section dissolves the tiny herbal granular and active vitamins diluting the concentrated cream. Product will become thinner when water is added and easier to distribute through as hair texture becomes smoother in your fingers.

4. Continue to part all of the hair into 1 inch sections and repeat steps 2-3 until product is distributed throughout the hair.

5. Massage scalp after application to help stimulate healthy hair growth.


Smooth, tame, and hydrates for sleek styles and defines curls. Repairs damage from free radicals in the environment with bioactives containing over 100 antioxidants.Encourages healthy hair growth with scalp stimulating nutrients.Hydrates all day with just one application.Light, fast absorbing, concentrated formula for all hair types.Prevents breakage improves hair texture.100% natural ingredients.

Silky Strong Hair Serum

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